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Device IdChip DescriptionVendor IdVendor Name
0x 6760AMD Radeon HD 6470M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x0180200a AMD Athlon(tm) X2 Dual-Core QL-620x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x1313AMD Radeon R7 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x1714AMD Radeon™ HD 6410D Audio0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x3E70ATI RADEON X600/X550 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4376PATA 133 Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4391AHCI Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4391&CC_0106AMD Southbridge incorporating AHCI 1.2 with SATA FIS–based switching support0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4394&CC_0106AMD SP5100 South Bridge0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x439CPATA 133 Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4966Radeon 9000/9000 Pro0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4A69ATI RADEON X800 PRO Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4C66ATI MOBILITY RADEON 90000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4C6EATI FireMV 2400 PCI0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4E50ATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON 9600/9700 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5159Radeon 7000 series AGP 0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5446Rage 128 Pro Ultra TF0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5657ATI RADEON X550/X700 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5955ATI RADEON Xpress 200M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5974ATI RADEON Xpress Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5a23AMD IOMMU0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6600Radeon HD 8600M/8700M/8750M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6718AMD Radeon HD 69700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6719AMD Radeon HD 69500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6739AMD Radeon HD 68500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6740ATI Radeon HD 6700M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6741AMD Radeon™ HD 6700M/HD 6600M Series 0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6741_PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6741&SUBSYS_21E317AA&REV_000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x674AAMD FirePro V3900 graphics0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6750AMD Radeon HD 65700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6758AMD Radeon HD 66700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6759AMD Radeon HD 65700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x675DAMD Radeon HD75700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6760AMD/ATi Radeon 6760M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x67616430M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6778AMD Radeon HD 74700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6779AMD Radeon HD 6470m0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6798AMD Radeon 7970 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6819PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6819&SUBSYS_32601682&REV_000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6840AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6841AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68A8AMD Radeon HD6870M (at least the one from Dell)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68B8ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68D8ATI Radeon HD 56700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7142ATI RADEON X1300/X1550 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7147ATI RADEON X1550 64-bit0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7167ATI RADEON X1550 64-bit Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71A3ATI RADEON X1300/X1550 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71D2ATI FireGL V34000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71E7ATI RADEON X1650 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71F2ATI FireGL V3400 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7249ATI RADEON X1900 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7814AMD USB 3.0 Host Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x791FATI Radeon X12500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7941ATI RADEON Xpress 1200 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9094ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9400ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9450AMD FireStream 92700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9452AMD FireStream 92500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9490ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9498ATI Radeon HD 46000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x94C4ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO AGP0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x94C9ATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON HD 24000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9519AMD FireStream 91700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x954FATI Radeon HD 43500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9581ATI Mobility Radeon HD 26000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9588ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9589ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x95c4ATI Mobility Radeon HD 34500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x95C5ATI Radeon HD 34500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9612ATI RADEON HD 3200 Graphics0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9615AMD 780E0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9616AMD 760G0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9644AMD Radeon™ HD 6410D0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9647стандартный vga гр 0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9648AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6480G0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9649AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6480G0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9710ATI Radeon HD 42000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9802AMD Radeon HD 6310 series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9804AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9806E-450 APU0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9807amd radeon hd 6290 graphic0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9834PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9834&SUBSYS_380217AA&REV_000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9851AMD Radeon(TM) R4 Graphics0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x999CRadeon HD 8550D0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0xAA10HDMI Audio Support0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0xaa68 0x000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9040Multimedia card0x101EAmerican Megatrends Inc.
0x1102AMD Hammer - DRAM Controller 0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x1103AMD Hammer - Miscellaneous Control 0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x1419AMD Input/Outpu Memory Management Unit0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7004CPU to PCI Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7006Processor-to-PCI Bridge / Memory Ctrlr0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7007AGP and PCI-to-PCI Bridge (1x/2x AGP)0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x700AAGP Host to PCI Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x700BAGP PCI to PCI Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x700CCPU to PCI Bridge (SMP chipset)0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x700DCPU to PCI Bridge (AGP 4x)0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x700ENorth Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x700FCPU to AGP Bridge (AGP 4x)0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7400PCI to ISA Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7401Bus Master IDE Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7403Power Management Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7404PCI to USB Open Host Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7408PCI-ISA Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7409EIDE Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x740BPower Management0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7410PCI to ISA/LPC Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7411Enhanced IDE Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7412USB Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7413Power Management Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7414USB OpenHCI Host Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7440LPC Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7441EIDE Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7443System Management0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7445AC97 Audio0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7446AC97 Modem0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7448PCI Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7449USB Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7450PCI-X Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7451PCI-X IOAPIC0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7454System Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7455AGP Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7458PCI-X Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7459PCI-X IOAPIC0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7460PCI Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7461USB 2.0 Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7462Ethernet Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7463USB Enhanced Host Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7464USB OpenHCI Host Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7468LPC Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7469UltraATA/133 Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x746ASMBus 2.0 Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x746BSystem Management0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x746D Audio Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x746EAC'97 Modem0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x756BACPI Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7801AMD SATA Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7801_AMD SATA Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7804AMD SATA Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7807Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller - Amd Usb Filter Driver0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7812AMD USB 3.0 Host Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x840Used to blow up the motherboard. Highly explosive. Use at ur own risk0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x9642AMD Radeon HD6370D0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x675damd radeon hd75700x1028Dell Inc.
0x051BMatrox0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x0000ISA Bridge0x1078Cyrix Corporation
0x7063PCI card with Intel or AMD processor0x108ESun Microsystems
0x0053CK804 PATA Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0DF8Quadro 600 rev a10x10DENVIDIA
0x1011Advantech SRamDisk Device0x13FEAdvantech Co., Ltd.
0x2000SNP 8023 packet classifier - AMD component0x1588Solidum Systems Corp
0x00092d+3d chipset, integrated ramdac0x3D3D3Dlabs, Inc. Ltd
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