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Device IdChip DescriptionVendor IdVendor Name
0x002210/100/1000 Mb/s PCI Ethernet NIC0x100BNational Semiconductors
0x0022PCI-PCI Bridge0x1011Digital Equipment Corporation
0x0022PCI to PCI Bridge 0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x5001Sony Firmware Extension Parser listed as ACPI\SNY5001 in device manager.0x104DSony Corporation
0x0022ATM Adapter0x108DOlicom
0x0022HIPPI source0x10DCCERN-European Lab. for Particle Physics
0x00220x1116Data Translation, Inc.
0x0022ClydeNonCsu20x114FDigi International
0xE230Ricoh PCIe Memory Stick Хост-Контроl0x1180RicohCompany,Ltd.
0x0022i960Jx Local Bus to PCI Bridge0x11B0Quicklogic Corp
0x00226 in/2 out Professional Digital Audio Card0x1621Lynx Studio Technology Inc
0x0022PCI-PCI Bridge0x3388Hint Corp.
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